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Fresh Storage Container Aura Life Shop
Fresh Storage Container Aura Life Shop
Fresh Storage Container Aura Life Shop
Fresh Storage Container Aura Life Shop
Fresh Storage Container Aura Life Shop
Fresh Storage Container Aura Life Shop

Fresh Storage Container

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The perfect vegetable and fruit refrigerator storage container, must-have organizer for your kitchen home!

Multi-functional Container : Perfect for rinsing fruit & vegetables, draining pasta or canned food etc, clean, drain and keep fresh.

kitchen storage container

 Keep Vegetable & Fruits Fresh : The container with lids have vents system that can regulate the flow of air, in and out, control the humidity inside of vegetable storage, help prevent spoilage, keep fruits and vegetables shelf life longer in the refrigerator or when not refrigerated.

vegetable container

 Classified Storage Design : These salad tupperware-container come with adjustable fold-able partitions for classified storage to prevent the food from squeezing, rotting or sogginess. There are three different capacity of containers that can be used to store many types of fruits or vegetables, such as lettuce, cabbage, strawberry, blueberry and different types of meat and fish.

kitchen storage

 Refrigerator Organizer : Our storage box with lids are made to provide you with a convenient, hygienic and cost-friendly way to add more structure to the way you store your vegetables and groceries while helping reduce the clutter to organize all your fridge essentials the easy way.

refrigerator containers

 Technically Design : The bottom of the container has small opening that can be opened to drain out water and can also be used as colander to wash produce or strain food such as potatoes. The filter tray at the bottom is used to elevate food from the moisture hence can be used as storage after cleaning without changing containers. Filtering out the water on the surface of vegetables and fruits to reduces spoilage of the food.

kitchen storage box

 Ideal Gift : The vegetables and fruits storage container made of high-quality, environmental-friendly and recyclable, made from material which can effectively resist stains and odors. It can also be used to store food in the refrigerator without fear of spoiling, and also as serving bowls for events such as thanksgiving dinner, Christmas or events like healthy picnic party. It is a great gift ideal for your friends and families.

kitchen gifts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Creola Hilpert

I was skeptical of this would work but I needed a better way to store my fresh produce in my fridge.
I had tried rubbermaid ones before and I was disappointed but a friend recommended these and they work! My spinach lasts well over a week now, my fridge is better organized and they are super easy to clean!

Kenny Wintheiser

Love these containers and I use them to keep my fridge organized. I love the fact that they come with little removable strainer baskets and the clip on lids are also really handy. They are well made and have a decent thickness. Great for storing berries!

Ryder Weimann

Great design, breathable, options to close tight too. Best material quality. This is my Best Buy from 2020.
I was looking for some attractive storage for my refrigerator, so that I have a reason for my husband to clean his groceries from supermarket before putting in. This is exactly what I expected.

Demarcus Ebert

This food storage containers are lovely is a set of 3 different sizes perfect for my fruits and vegetables because this container comes with a strainer so perfect when washing your fruits then storing them in the fridge good quality and easy to use! Good value of money

Granville Ritchie

Great storage solution with options for shelving or dividers in larger two. Great for fruit and veg

Fresh Storage Container

$ 25.99 USD
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