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Postpartum Belt Aura Life Shop
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Postpartum Belt

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The basic elements of postpartum recovery help you to recover to the state after childbirth!

postpartum recovery belt

This Postpartum Belt is specially designed for women's bodies after pregnancy. Made of skin-friendly breathable fabric, super-elastic, adjustable and innovative design, suitable for abdomen, waist and buttocks to help you shrink to the pre-pregnancy curve.

Multipurpose : Essentials for postpartum recovery helps get your body back to its former post childbirth. This postpartum belly band helps reduce swelling, support core abdominal muscles and return uterus to its original size sooner. It also makes you look instantly slimmer, adding confidence and helping you feel better after have a baby.

postpartum recovery belt

 Adjustable & Great For Mother : Allows put it on easily by yourself and pull is equal from both sides, readjust how tight you want it without taking off the band, keep you supported for a long time. It is GREAT GIFT for women just after giving birth or anyone had surgical operation resulting in loose skin and back pain. It also has built in boning to help support the lower back and improve posture during breastfeeding.

 Speed Recovery & Reduce Discomfort : Helps ease transition of uterus and shrink it down to normal size, support your lower back and hold tummy in, redefine the waistline, relief back pain.

postpartum girdle

 Breathable & Comfortable Material : One set postpartum girdles meet the needs of all your throughout postpartum healing process. Breathable & Comfortable material high quality lightweight fabric waist trainer cincher for women, This postpartum belly belt help you correct your posture. It also helps to avoid the belly band from rolling up when you seat or move, very comfortable & breathable to wear and easy to clean.

belly binder

Why should I use Belly Belt?

Belly belt is designed to prevent postpartum abdominal muscle relaxation and visceral ptosis.

To promote uterine contractions and postpartum pelvic recovery correction.

To help puerpera regain their beautiful curves.

How to Maximize Results ?

To maximize results start wearing this belt immediately after delivery and wear the band as much as possible during the day and night. As soon as you put on the belly band you will feel its slimming support and look instantly slimmer. Continue binding by wearing the belly band until you are back to your pre-baby self or no longer need additional abdominal support.

Belly belt - helps getting your stomach and muscles half way back to normal, recommend to use when 1~7 days after natural childbirth.

Waist belt - helps flatten the belly, redefine the waistline, relief back pain, combined the use with stomach belt will accelerate the effectiveness, recommend to use 1~6 weeks after natural childbirth or stitching healing from c- section.

Pelvis belt - helps speeding up the contraction of pelvis and stretched to fit the natural curves of your body, recommend to use7-42 weeks after Natural birth/Stitching healing after c-section.

Postpartum Belt Tips :

Do not use during pregnancy.

Recommend to clean it when using it for the first time.

Do not to wear it when sleeping.

Avoid direct contact with skin. Recommend to wear undershirts under belly band.

If you feel uncomfortable during use, it is recommended to adjust the tightening or reduce the use time.

In order to help you return to your original state more quickly after delivery, we suggest that you combine exercise and calorie control with the use of this product, and you will soon see a big difference.

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Postpartum Belt

$ 39.99 USD
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