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Sonic Face Lifter Tool Aura Life Shop
Sonic Face Lifter Tool Aura Life Shop
Sonic Face Lifter Tool Aura Life Shop
Sonic Face Lifter Tool Aura Life Shop
Sonic Face Lifter Tool Aura Life Shop
Sonic Face Lifter Tool Aura Life Shop

Sonic Face Lifter Tool

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Do you suffer from blackhead, pores, wrinkles, and skin puffiness?

Our Sonic Face Lifter allows you to painlessly sculpt a firmer and tighter facial contour from the comfort of your home. This unique device utilizes a soothing sonic vibration to soften the look of fine lines & wrinkles while reducing facial puffiness.

✔ Reduce Skin Problems : Using micro-current and vibration to stimulate collagen production, promote blood circulation, enhance skin repair effect, effectively help reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, tighten skin, and improve the absorption efficiency of cream or lotion.

best face roller

✔ Skin Improvement : More than 7000 vibrations per minute, which can increase the penetration of the core compound formula in the product by 3 times. Double the skin care effect, effectively repair skin cells and promote protein synthesis in various layers of skin.

✔ Healthy Message : The large massage head with 3D bumps provides a skin-friendly touch and ergonomic massage comfort, effective facial lift and no dead ends.

face contour tool

✔ Enhance Absorption : With 7000 micron-sized magnetic particles form a special magnetic field, which produce atopic driving force and assists in absorbing the core components of skin care products.

sonic face uplifter tool

✔ Multi-function : Our face lifter helps to boost absorption when use with mask, more nutritious with a creamy lotion, double skin rejuvenation with toner.  

✔ Suitable For All Skin Types : This non-invasive, anti-aging tool is perfect for all types of skin and should be used daily for optimal results. Rollover your facial contour, neck, and body - this handheld tool lifts the skin along your entire body.

sonic face lifter machine

✔ Compact Size : The mini and compact design provides the perfect palm fit and can also be carried in a pocket or bag to carry a breeze.

✔ Safe & Secure : Easy to operate with sensitive conductive electrodes, with touch control, streamlined shape, safe and comfortable grip.

Easy To Use :

sonic face lifter

sonic face lifter

How To Operate Device :

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Lavina Heaney
Best Sonic lifter

Super Fast, thank you.

Gustave Klocko
face lifting device

Got mine face lifting device.. Thank you arrived fast. Not used

Otho Little

The massager works on one CR2032 battery, it comes complete. Before using the massager, you need to remove the protection. There are no buttons, it works when touching the skin. At the same time, when you use the massager yourself, it works, and, if massirukt someone else, then the smart car does not work! The massager can be used with its face cream (the surface is completely isolated). Thanks to micropulses, the cream brings deeper and the skin becomes more elastic and healthy, and the cream is absorbed, 2 times faster! Delivery to Omsk-20 days. The massager came in a normal postal package + branded packaging. Nothing was damaged during transportation. Track number tracked all the way!

Wilbert Sawayn

Great massager! Powered by battery, you need to clamp the middle part and touch the face. Lightweight, durable and comfortable.

Jamaal Kilback

good.... see in Time if it s ok. thanks

Sonic Face Lifter Tool

$ 29.99 USD
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